These tricks will make your small bathroom look bigger!

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A standard American bathroom size is 5’ x 8’ and that is a master bathroom size for most of us. It always feels good to use a wider bathroom but unfortunately not everyone has a big house with oversized bathrooms. For those who wants to have a bigger bathroom, here you will find useful suggestions to make your small bathroom look bigger than it actually is.

1-) Have big format tiles on floor and wall

Big format bathroom floor tiles

Tile selection is very important to have wide looking bathroom. Big format tiles (at least 24’’ long) requires less grout lines than smaller formats. That definitely helps a lot to make a small bathroom feel bigger. More grout lines mean more crowded looking and human brain is tend to feel trapped if the view is crowded. Of course, don’t forget to have glossy finish for the wall tiles. It will distribute the light in the room evenly which helps to achieve an expansive look.

2-) Hide your small things in your small bathroom!

Instead of leaving shampoo bottles, soaps, razors and etc. around the tub; have a hiding shampoo niche installed on the wall and place all those items in there. It will give you a less crowded and cleaner shower/tub area. Also install an extra easy access medicine cabinet for body-care lotions,

Small Bathroom with Sufficient Lighting

various make-up items, medicines and etc. instead of turning the vanity top into a mess. A towel shelf above the toilet is also a good idea to keep your bath towels fold and ready to use. Long story short; keep your bathroom organized and eliminate all the mess, you will feel the difference.

3-) Nobody likes dark and small bathroom

It is very important to have sufficient light sources in the bathroom. Compare looking to a landscape view with daylight vs. night time, you will see more depth with light, right? We are talking about the very same scenario; a small bathroom must have enough lighting in order to maximize the view-depth. It is always a good idea to have a recessed ceiling lighting above the shower area addition to the vanity light.

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