Bathroom Remodeling – Vienna, VA / 2018

/Bathroom Remodeling – Vienna, VA / 2018
Bathroom Remodeling – Vienna, VA / 20182019-04-09T10:32:59-04:00

Project Description

The small Vienna bathroom was remodeled by keeping the existing configuration. The previous bathroom had many design inconsistencies with less functionality. The bathroom designed in a way to reflect any light to give a spacious and airy feel. The renovation was completed in 7 days.

Remodeling Tip #1

The first item on our to-do list was to brighten and make this bathroom look spacious by using more natural and in times brighter tones while conducting our material selections.

Remodeling Tip #2

The project started by lining up the tiles. The tiles were lined up vertical to the shower cabinet. The same procedure was conducted for shower walls. This provided an outstretched look versus the scattered look of previous square tiles.

Remodeling Tip #3

To give a contrast we selected a much darker countertop and darker knobs to connect the dots; dark holders created a nice connection between each item.

Remodeling Tip #4

Vanity Cabinet for the bathroom was a Birchwood. This collection of CNC cabinets, Alexandria is offered with a frame option. The slim frames bring an elegant along with a glimpse of a classic look.

Remodeling Tip #5

Centered pepple tiles inside the shower area take the attention away from the unified color of floor and shower wall tiles. The selection gives depth to the entire bathroom which creates a further illusion of the bathroom size.

Finally, lighting fixtures were placed in areas where it will best highlight these visual deceptions of space. A recessed light was placed inside the center of the shower; right above the pepple tiles. A two-light vanity wall light was installed, the fixtures made sure bathroom was bright enough for everyday comfort though not excessively bright to lose the highlights and the overall beatified look of the bathroom.

Project Details

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