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About Us

Novo specializes in kitchen & bath remodeling services with a focus on entire household renovations. Our owner, Marcos Saveedra, has over two decades worth of experience working for different companies in various positions to learn as much detail as possible in construction and renovations before forming his own crews. Since Novo’s first day, he’s been hands on with every project making sure things are on schedule and each customer is happy. Novo has built its excellent customer service on our team members understanding the importance of fine craftsmanship and communication. Our design and sales consultants make sure every detail is reviewed with the clients for the best possible results. We use custom designing software to create our unique 360’ design which shows you all the details of the proposed plans with the materials you’ve selected in place.




Here are the services that we have been proudly serving to Washington, D.C. metro area residents

Stepping in to a lovable and stylish bathroom is a reason to start your day with a smile, at least for our previous customers..

Kitchen Remodeling

We know you love spending time in your kitchen, let Novo Designers make it classy and functional for you.

Stepping in to a lovable and stylish bathroom is a reason to start your day with a smile, at least for our previous customers..

Bathroom Remodeling

Stepping into a lovable and stylish bathroom is a reason to start your day with a smile, at least for our previous customers.

Stepping in to a lovable and stylish bathroom is a reason to start your day with a smile, at least for our previous customers..


You have a backyard that you want to be able to spend quality time with your family or friends? We are here to design and build the deck you need.

Recent Projects

Our Process

Here are the steps of building your dream space, remodeling with NOVO..


Reach us via telephone, e-mail, or stop by and fill out a contact form to set up a free estimate visit for your interior/exterior renovation or remodeling projects.


Once an appointment is made, we’ll go to you to get exact measurements and images of the requested work area for designing purposes to prepare an estimate. A presentation of our company profile and copies of all legal papers will be given during this meeting. For this visit, please tell us your ideas and preferences (e.g. style, color, material use). Our designers will work with you to ensure your vision and any other options are successfully doable.


Once it’s fully understood what you need for your project and what possible design ideas are best for you, we will determine the scope of the work and a ballpark price that allows for different material selections and/or different design options. The quotation will be prepared within 1 to 5 business days.


Was the ballpark price agreeable? Let’s move on then! Now, it’s time to get more details about the type and color of materials you’d like for your project. We will prepare a design that is made with pre-selected materials in order to provide you with a real-time look of your future completed project. No need to try and imagine it, we’ll give you a visual.


Any and all feedback from you about the initial designs is necessary to make the proper adjustments for you. This is the time to finalize the material selections. You’ll be invited to our showroom office to pick and choose from our samples available. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we can go to our vendors for even more options to present to you.


Once all the necessary materials for the project and design layout is determined, we will prepare the official contract with the finalized price to submit our bid for your project. The last step before signing the contract is ensuring you have a clear understanding of your selections and the project price. All terms written in the contract will be explained to you one by one and any of your questions will be answered during one last estimate visit to your location.


Ready to sign? That’s great! You’ll love being part of the Novo Family! We will be asking for the initial payment once the contract is signed so we can begin ordering all the necessary materials for the project. Now is the time to let us know if you have a coupon that can be applied. If presented afterwards, the coupon cannot be honored for this current project.


Our process is to be as professional and efficient as possible. Your project start date will be determined once we’ve heard back from all our vendors for the earliest delivery dates. In order to avoid any project extensions due to delayed material delivery, we order all the necessary items and have them on hand before a project even begins.


Every project is different so start dates can vary. Just before it begins, we’ll pull all the necessary permits required by your county. Once that’s completed, we’ll be able to provide a beginning date, the duration of your project, and a prospective end date. You’ll be kept up to date for everything.


For the duration of your project, you’ll be given updates daily as everything moves forward and the work is steadily completed. We’ll provide images from the jobsite and explanations of the work done for the day. We will also schedule all the necessary county inspections.


Once the project is completed, we’ll do a final walkthrough with you to make sure everything is up to your expectations. We hope your satisfaction is exactly as we promised or possibly even better.


Address: 509 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180
Phone: 703-646-0286
E-Mail: sales@novokb.com

*You will be called to verify the information and confirm the estimate date before the schedule is set.

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