Maintain and Preserve Your Countertop

//Maintain and Preserve Your Countertop

Maintain and Preserve Your Countertop


Many homeowners now prefer easy to maintain countertops to avoid spending a large sum of money for a replacement. However, even if installing a granite countertop was not your choice, there are still ways to make your countertop shine again! We selected most common countertops; in this article, we will explain how to properly maintain them.


Quartz Countertops consists natural stones, polymer or Reims. It got its popularity with its easy to maintain the feature.
When spills happen, you simply clean with a dish soap diluted in a warm water. Rinse with water and dry. For prolonged life, take care of the spills as soon as they happen.

To get the shinier look at all times, make sure the countertop is free of oily residues; clean your countertop with mild grease removers often to avoid any built up.

Natural Stones: Granite and Marble




Key to natural stone maintenance is to prevention from absorption.
Silicon bases can help prevent absorption of the liquids. How often should you apply sealing to your countertop? It depends on the type of countertop you have. Typically, twice a  year for granite and four times a year for marble is sufficient.


What happens when absorption happens? Wait! This is the first action you should take; the liquid eventually will pass its way through. However, when oil base liquid causes the stain you probably will need a stain remover. Stain removers can be applied to problem areas of your natural stone to absorb the liquid out. Once removed, seal your stone and make sure not to leave any liquid for a long period of time.


Butcher Block

Butcher blocks are great antibacterial choices as a countertop; however, they are extremely hard to maintain. The enemy to the butcher blocks is absorption. To avoid easy absorption, wood countertop producers, suggest owners apply mineral oils. Mineral oils prevent the damages.
What do you do if the liquid is already absorbed? Scrap all the surface with a scraper to remove all the residue. Clean your countertop with water and make sure no wood pieces are left behind. And finally, apply block oil for protection. To get a shiner look you may also use beeswax conditioners.


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