Trends to Keep an Eye on For your Kitchen Project!

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2018 design trends had an important influence on the kitchen remodeling. From cabinets to flooring this year is going to be all about ease of use and bold colors.

Kitchen Cabinets: Pale wood, better finishes!

Cabinet Trends

Diffrent Cabinet Colors

Birchwood is getting many homeowners attention! It is one of the kitchen design trends in 2018. In comparison to other wood species, the wood will allow for a more vibrant finished!

Beyond material selection, what primarily gives character to your kitchen and its charming look is cabinet color choice.

Light colors have been preferred for simple and modern kitchen lovers. White gloss cabinets are still preferred though there a switch to a light to medium color kitchen cabinets; there is a swift to grey and blue colors to give a contrast in the kitchen! Many designers use a much darker color for kitchen island cabinets and put more emphases to it.

Kitchen Countertop: No more resealing!

Countertop Trends

Countertop Options

Yes! 8/10 customers are switching their countertop preference to quartz. Why? Quartz countertops were introduced with a promise to be more durable and to require less maintenance; the statement is 100% accurate. Rather than resealing your granite, a simple cleaning will keep your countertop maintained! Surely, you will not have the elegant look of granite; however, quartz will promise longer lifetime with sleek and maintained look.

To learn more about leading countertop materials, check out our article on “Countertop Options with Pros & Cons

Island: Can’t say no to more prep space?

A well-designed double kitchen island gives you more prep and cabinet space. You will make sure everything in your kitchen is in order as well as to use all the space you have during food preparation. Adding couple decorative counter chair, you will make sure not leave any mess behind after the quick breakfast.


What is getting more popular besides the undercabinet lighting is in cabinet lights. In cabinet lighting give a small though nice finish for your kitchen project. Currently, there battery, dim and switch options available on the market.


Consider the time you spent in your kitchen! Yes, the white tiles you have always wanted in your new kitchen will give a fabulous look with your shiny, new countertop but when selecting flooring to keep in mind your leg comfort and leg

Flooring Trends

Floor Tiles

health. If you are spending longs hours of cooking and cleaning. Consider resilient flooring, which is durable and stylish. For more elegant look wood flooring can be preferred for much softer feel in comparison to tile flooring.

Appliance: Technology started to overrule our kitchens!

Appliance producers are making a slow but steady switch to producing smart appliances. Companies like Samsung is integrating technology to our good old refrigerator, which had a sole function of cooling. Other appliance companies are following the industry leaders and adopting the changes for the tech-savvy consumer.


  • More homeowners are looking have minimal look in their kitchens.
  • Open shelves are becoming popular through their warm and welcoming look!
  • Base drawer getting popular.
  • Stone sinks are on the rise.


Do not underrate the potential of your kitchen ceiling! When done right, it will create wonders!


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