Countertop Finishing Options

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Countertop Finishing Options


Shiny countertop look in the kitchen is typically what our eyes are fond of. Aren’t you looking for something a bit more exciting? Or perhaps you are tired of looking at the polished surface and would like to achieve a more naturalized and organic look for your countertop?

The reason why we are so used to seeing the shiny and polished look of countertops is that they come from the manufacturer to your local distributor in this form, in other words, it is the standard which your countertop comes in.

Once the countertop area is measured and sized for your needs, your countertop goes to a fabricator. Once in fabrication, you have the chance to decide what type of finished look you are looking to achieve with your countertop.

Why do they polish it?

Besides shiny and polished look. The polishing process is made to protect your countertop from scratching and further damages.

What type of finishing is there?

There are two different countertop finishing options and they each have their unique look.


Leathered countertop gives a more naturalized and subtle look. Countertops used with ostentatious backsplashes can be a great time to decide on a having a leathered countertop. Leathering eliminates the texture and prevents having fingerprint and water splashes stains.


Honing procedure removes the polish off completely and leave the countertop with no texture and shine. Also great for a subtle and natural look. More suited to people who like simplicity and purity.

Which countertop can the material be leather or honed?

Most of the countertop materials widely used in the market can be leathered or honed.

Natural materials such as Granite, Marble, and quartzite as well as engineered countertops such as quartz can have customized finishes.

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