All About Kitchen Appliances

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In our previous articles, we reviewed cabinets, countertops and other kitchen parts to make your kitchen harmonious. Another, as one may perhaps consider as the most important, selection you will have to make is the appliances. This week, we wanted to take the time and review some appliances and appliance features we thought worthwhile to mention. 1-Steam cook ovens: Heath [...]

Maintain and Preserve Your Countertop

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Maintain and Preserve Your Countertop   Many homeowners now prefer easy to maintain countertops to avoid spending a large sum of money for a replacement. However, even if installing a granite countertop was not your choice, there are still ways to make your countertop shine again! We selected most common countertops; in this article, we will explain how to properly [...]

Design Trends for Home Remodelers – 2018

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Interior Design Trends - 2018 You would think the simple and minimalistic design is gradually becoming more popular; some designers would not agree with that statement. Instead of having everything in white/grey and their tones, many people consider mixing cool and warm colors and adding different patterns to their overall design. Now, let’s visit different parts of a house and see what design [...]

Trends to Keep an Eye on For your Kitchen Project!

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2018 design trends had an important influence on the kitchen remodeling. From cabinets to flooring this year is going to be all about ease of use and bold colors. Kitchen Cabinets: Pale wood, better finishes! Diffrent Cabinet Colors Birchwood is getting many homeowners attention! It is one of the kitchen design trends in 2018. In comparison to other [...]